19 May 2014

Makeup & Nail polish Haul

Collection Eyebrow Kit : I picked this up after eyeing it up for ages and wanting to try something different from my trusty eyebrow pencil. I was pretty disappointed with this, I don't think the shade for 'blonde' hair is dark enough, the medium brown is too red and the third shadow is practically black so sadly I can't use it - back to my eyebrow pencil! Popped it into my makeup kit though as it has a good brush and setting gel and I can use it on other people

Argania Light Moroccan Hair Oil : received this as a gift at my birthday and absolutely loved it; it leaves my hair super soft and healthy feeling - this ones for 'light' coloured hair, so perfect if your hair's bleached like mine!

NYC Lashes : was really disappointed with these, the lash band is stiff and they're hard to put on - plus once they're on they look spidery and unnatural! It's a shame but they were only £1.99 so I'm not breaking the bank there.

2True 3in1 Concealer : absolutely love this concealer, I use it under my eyes and in a triangle shape across my cheekbones to add light - a la Kim K Kontouring. It's really good for the price (£1.99) and I'm looking to get the lighter shade too for an even more highlighted effect

Nail Polishes : l-r : Revlon Sweet Tart, Nail Inc Beach, Topshop Lead &  Solar, Sinful Colours Be Happy & Orange Cream, Barry M Black Nail Paint : Went a bit mad on the nail polish buying - I recently got a little rack thing to store them all in (I'm going to paint it white so it looks all pretty!) But I thought it would be nice to invest in some colours I've been eyeing up for a while now, plus it will make me experiment more with colour. Now I've got them all out on my dressing table I want them to look pretty!

So that's everything I've bought recently; a bit random but I felt like writing a post on this lovely sunny afternoon!


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Glitter Detector said...

These are lovely products Fern! Love the nail polishes shades! xx