25 August 2014

Review : bareSkin Brightening Serum Foundation

shade : Bare Buff 10

With this foundation set to release in just a few days in the UK, I thought I'd write a little post sharing a few of my thoughts on it. Working for the company myself, I know that there's a massive amount of hype around this as it's Bare Minerals first ever 'liquid' foundation - but with that has also come a lot of scepticism about how good it is for your skin. It's hard to believe, but this stuff really is great for your skin, unlike many other typical liquid foundations on the market. 

The foundation comes in 20 shades, varying from light to dark and taking into account different undertones like pink, neutral and golden. As I always prefer a more golden tone to my skin (and often tan a few shades darker than my natural skintone) I went for Bare Buff which has a lovely rich golden colour to it. Even though it's just a little too dark for me, I still love this colour. Ok, so in terms of ingredients, this foundation boasts only having 18 - compared to Estee Lauder Double Wear which has around 45 - and is the lowest ingredient foundation on the market. Just like the Original Mineral Foundation, this one is 100% natural without any nasties like fragrance, parabens, oil or silicone. What I love is that it's good for everyone's skin; if you suffer from blemishes and acne is still allows the skin to breathe and doesn't clog, and if you have aging skin the super brightening serum really peps up the complexion and deminishes discolouration. 

So in terms of my experience with it, I really like this foundation. I like that it doesn't feel like it's clogging my pores; it has a silk like texture which doesn't feel drying or cakey on my skin (in that respect, it reminds me of my trusty L'oreal True Match). It really brightens your skin and can be worn super natural or layered for a more heavy coverage. Day to day, I like to go for a medium-full coverage, and so often layer my Original Loose Mineral foundation over the top to really give a flawless fuller coverage finish (both of them work together like a dream). You can vary the coverage you get depending on how many drops you use (1-2 giving a light coverage + 5-6 giving you the max) Some things I'm not so keen on with this foundation are that it's not got an amazing staying power, I often find it wearing away from around my nose and mouth a little after a few hours, but this can be combatted with the use of a good primer and setting powder. It's really important that you remember to shake the bottle well before applying, or you'll find (as I did with a customer!) that it just comes out as an oil (that's a good sign though! Due to the fact there is no chemical emulsifier in there which can irritate the skin)

For anyone who wants a fresher, more glowy and flawless look to their skin, this is perfect. If you're into the dewy look you will love this and the way it blends out so seamlessly. If you love a heavy coverage, this may not be the foundation for you, but like me, you might love it with the Original Loose over the top. 


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