26 October 2014

Pink Hair for breast cancer awareness #thinkpink

Pink 'Colour Rocks' Hair extensions by Holly Hagan (here
Lipstick : Rimmel Apocalips in 'Apocaliptic' (review here)

This Saturday at work we had a #thinkpink day to raise money for breast cancer awareness! Not being a lover (or owner!) of pink clothes, it was the perfect excuse to wear my amazing new extensions from Lush Hair Extensions. These extensions are 100% human hair, making them super soft - everyone at work thought I had actually dyed my own hair. They're designed by Holly Hagan of Geordie Shore in collaboration with LushHairExtensions.co.uk, there are some really fun colours in the collection.. I've been eyeing up the blue ones too (cough, kylie jenner). I have the blonde ones of these (#61 Lightest blonde, post coming soon!) which are amazing for everyday but as I love to experiment with colours, these are perfect for me! I've had pink hair in the past, but the upkeep is too hard so this is temporary and kind of fool proof. I loved the effect of just putting them into a simply messy plait - especially the way the blonde kind of swirls into the pink! Can't wait to see the effect with a fishtail plait. I just used 3 wefts (one 4 clip, two 3 clip) around the bottom to add volume and length to that area - the ends of my hair look thinner than the rest and these were perfect to actually give me a decent amount of hair to work with. I think these will look amazing in a high curly ponytail too - can't wait to experiment!
Donate to Breast Cancer Awareness HERE



Lily Lipstick said...

Love this! x

Anonymous said...

very pretty