25 July 2014

Nail Polish Storage

I thought I'd write a little post on my recent nail polish storage solution - it's far from revolutionary but I guess it fits into the 'DIY' category. I picked up this little cutlery drawer thing from a carboot a few months ago, I think it was about 50p so being the hoarder I am I just bought it! I was happy to find that it actually stores my nail polishes perfectly - every brand has managed to slot in there nicely and as you can see from the pictures, there's still room for loads more polishes. I still need to get round to painting it white but I don't think it looks too obvious even with the original wood. I've also stored palettes in it in the past, and they slot in perfectly - for me this is a far neater solution than how I used to store them (all stuffed in a drawer) plus it makes me use them all more frequently as I can see all the colours I own - all I need now are a few more colours to fill it!



Carolyn said...

Nice! That looks like a solid organization system for drawer use. I recently just emptied a train case and I am hoping to store everything in there - unfortunately it won't be as visible as yours will be.
Carolyn | BLOG

Hannah said...

All of my nail polishes are shoved away in a draw, yours look lovely all nicely organised! gorgeous collection too!
Have a great weekend Fern! xx
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Anonymous said...

such a good idea!

jennie said...

Lovely! Your polish collection is perfect, so many pretty shades <3 xx

Cherry said...

This is such a good idea!