6 November 2014

Review : Lush Hair Extensions

I was recently sent these amazing hair extensions from the lovely people over at Lush Hair Extensions. First off, I think it's worth mentioning how great their customer service is - they offer a free shade match service where you can chat back and fourth with the company to pick the right colour for you. You send them photos of your hair in natural daylight and they'll match you free of charge (I was matched to shade #60 Lightest Blonde, pictured above) and I really love the match as this particular set accounts for all the different tones of blonde I have in my hair - it can be really hard to match up a blonde right, especially when you have a mix of lighter/darker or warmer/cooler tones. I was also sent the amazing hot pink extensions, designed by Holly Hagan, have a look at this post to see them in action!

As soon as I opened these extensions I noticed how lovely and soft they were. They also have a nice weight to them and feel very natural and not over processed or dry in the slightest. They are 100% remy human hair with a lovely texture and feel, making them easy to style, wash and experiment with. I received the 150 gram 8 weft set, which contains:
1x8'' wide weft (4 clips attached)

2x6'' wide weft (3 clips attached)

2x4'' wide weft (2 clips attached)

1x3'' wide weft (2 clips attached)

2x2'' wide weft (1 clip attached)
For me this set's perfect as my hair is fairly thick, so they added a nice amount of volume and blended well with my natural hair. If you have thinner/finer hair you may want to consider going for a lighter set. It takes some getting used to to clip them in properly, I found it was a case of altering the number of wefts you used depending on what kind of look you were going for - some people like to use the whole pack whereas other may use a few wefts just to add some volume and length; it's all about playing around with them until you get the best result for you! I love the way these feel, just like natural hair and very comfortable to wear throughout the day. I found these to hold a curl better than my own hair which is always a bonus!

I noticed a little bit of shredding from these extensions, but that is generally to be expected with any sets you buy - just as your natural hair comes out/shreds, these will a little too. Taking good care of them is really important - Lush recommends not washing them too often (this depends on how much you style/process them and how many hair styling products you use on them) over washing can cause them to wear out sooner than they should!

So overall, I'm very happy with these - they're really affordable and definitely worth the money considering how well they can shade match you. It's nice to talk to real people rather than leaving it to chance; so many company's wont offer that kind of service anymore. I've read up on other reviews and a lot of people with all different kinds of hair types loves these (be it ombre, super short, curly - the list goes on) so it's definitely a company to check out if you're in the market for longer and thicker looking hair!


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