13 April 2014

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter

The mua / makeup academy powder highlighter retails for £3 in Superdrug.

I was initially keen to try this highlighter not only because it looks so pretty, but also because it's so cheap and I'd heard such positive things. This highlighter definitely does live up to it's claims - its a lovely pinky/champagne colour that adds a dewy glow to the cheeks. I've also used this as an eye-shadow too, it doubles up as a really great inner corner highlight if you're tight on room in your makeup bag. It adds a subtle luminous effect without feeling chalky or super glittery.

My previous go to highlight was always benefit high beam, but I actually like this a lot more for a fraction of the price, plus its nearly exactly the same shade so a similar effect can be achieved. In fact, I used to find that benefit highbeam was at times hard to blend and a little too silvery (plus it would always slightly remove my foundation wherever I blended it - does anyone else have this problem?)
The only minor downsides to this product for me are that not a massive amount comes off onto the brush and so at times I find my self rubbing my brush in a little harder than I'd like! Also its not massively long wearing so touch ups can be necessary.
I'd definitely recommend it 100% for the price! I usually prefer more yellow-toned highlighters and have my eye on the Essence metal glam highlighter next!

What are your thoughts on this highlighter?


Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

This is an excellent budget highlighter and it gives such subtle beautiful shimmer :o) Xx

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for including the beautiful images-- so open to a sense of contemplation.

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