16 April 2014

a few bits and bobs

 heels; primark / collar necklace + lashes; primark / silver necklace; h&m

How nice are those heels? It's safe to say I'm a little obsessed - and they were only £10. I think they'll be perfect for summer as they add a little colour to my (usually black) outfits. Plus the flatform-esque heel is so comfortable.
I just picked up a few pairs of primark 'sultry' lashes, they're only £1 each and a definite favourite of mine. Aaand of course no shopping trip would be complete for me without the addition of some jewellery.. not that I need any more statement necklaces. I plan to do more hauls on my blog, I'm forever buying stuff which although not good for my bank balance, gives me lots to share with you!



Jodie Moores said...

I love those heels! So cute, did they have any other colours? :-) xxx

fern // FERNLAURA said...

@Jodie Moores : they're so pretty aren't they?! They also had black I think! X

mel said...

Those heels make me want to run to Primark right now x


Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

I love the color of the wedges - just perfect for hot summer days :o) Xx

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Claire said...

Love those wedges, such a pretty colour :)
xxx Claire