29 August 2014

Product Rave : Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

shades l-r : eclipse / luna / shooting star / stellar

I have recently fallen head over heels with these lip lacquers by Rimmel. I'd been wanting to try them out for ages but held it off as I'm not a massive fan of Rimmel products in general - but these really surpassed all my expectations. I'd heard great things and decided to bite the bullet and get a couple of shades (I've since gone back and bought the rest of the shades as I love them that much!)

The texture of these is amazing, they're extremely buttery and silky yet don't appear sheer on the lips; infact the colour pay off is amazing and they're incredibly pigmented. For something that's marketted as a 'fusion' between a gloss and a lipstick "but better" you really do get all that. The colour range is gorgeous and thankfully Rimmel made every shade completely unique, so we're not just dealing with a bland palette of samey nudes. When I've worn these myself, the staying power is amazing, they stay on all day and even hold up fairly well through eating and drinking - plus the shine they provide is lovely. Usually, I would only expect good longevity from a matte formulation but these have really changed my view on that. 

These are ideal for, if like me, you are looking to build up a kit - these are so versatile, covering all the shades you could want and every finish, as they're neither a gloss nor a lipstick as mentioned previously. I imagine they would be ideal for bridal or wedding makeup - I can't wait to try them out for a wedding I'm doing early next year. The last thing I love is the applicator, which allows the product to glide on really smoothly, outlining and filling in your lips perfectly everytime... oh and the packaging is so pretty. (is there anything I don't like about these?!)



Glitter Detector said...

The Eclipse shade is beautiful! x

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