21 August 2014

My new desk / makeup storage!

Ikea Micke Desk

So yesterday I took a trip to Ikea with my boyfriend (I haven't been there since I was about 7, and it's even more amazing than I remember!) I was originally planning to buy the Malm desk which everyone and their mum seems to own so that I could organise all my makeup nicely and see everything I have, especially as I'm planning on expanding my collection - some crappy old wooden drawers weren't cutting it anymore. In person, I was really disappointed by the Malm, it was a lot smaller than I expected and really didn't look worth nearly £100. In the end, I found this desk, the 'Micke'. I absolutely love it. It's perfect for storing makeup/products and was only £65, quite cheap in comparison to the Malm. I also bought five little sectioned trays whilst I was there for 80p each (bargain!) and a white metal cutout pot for storing all my brushes in. I keep opening the drawers to look at my makeup laid out neatly, it all looks so pretty and I'm honestly so happy with this desk, it was worth every penny. It looks really sleek and simplistic, plus I was happy to find that the drawers pull out really easily and slide back in smoothly. All the room underneath means it's the perfect station to do makeup at and doubles up as a nifty shoe storage (I like to be able to see my shoes otherwise they collect dust in my cupboard and I forget to wear them!)



jennie said...

I love it! Everything looks so organised and pretty! <3 xo

Joanna. said...

We've just redone our back bedroom and I've got this on my wishlist for our iMac to go on now. I love the dividers in the drawers!


Cherry said...

I so need a desk like this!

Nomad Notebook said...

Love the new desk- everything looks so organised in it! May I ask where your red shoes are from? Love them!

Nomad Notebook

Kat @ Cherries In The Snow Beauty Blog said...

Very envious of your collection! I've been trying to organise mine better and the tubs look like a great idea!