20 July 2014

Saving My Blonde Hair!

After a combination of way to much bleaching/dying, way too much heat and styling and nowhere near enough care, my hair has really suffered. I have been dying my hair for god knows how long now (probably since I was about 13) and it's really left it lacking in any kind of health. Let me take you back to 2012/2013; my hair was past my bust and surprisingly long considering I used dyes containing peroxide in them. Unfortunately, I thought my hair was indestructible, I didn't care that it was getting more and more damaged as long as it stayed a good length. My hair finally gave in and started to snap off...fall out, it was a bit of a nightmare. Everytime I went to brush my hair it would break off - it was brittle, damaged and unmanageable. I ignored it most of the time, continuing to use heat on it, constantly toning it to get a 'grey' effect (toners can be massively drying!) and not really caring for it correctly. Only recently have I really noticed how much it's changed - it's around 2 or more inches shorter than it was before, and I hardly ever trim it.. so most of that's simply damage and neglect *slaps wrists*

I decided recently that I really want to have nice long hair, and so I'm attempting to embark on a mission to get it healthy again! Firstly, I decided to stop dying it so much - I've been letting my roots grow out further and going longer between dying (this can be hard when you're a natural brunette but also an important step). Already this seems to have helped a bit. Secondly, I'm trying to not use so much heat on it - I've ditched the straighteners and try to let it air dry whenever possible - I only occasionally curl the very ends which, for me, works well as they stay in for a good 2 days or more. Thirdly, I've been washing it less; Girlz Only Dry Shampoo has been my best friend as it eliminates oil and gives the hair a bit of a boost. When I do wash it I always opt for a shampoo aimed specifically at damaged hair with split ends; I've been loving the Garnier Silky Smoother Shampoo as well as all of the Pantene range. I've been using lots of oils on it, both before and after washing. I love to use a 100% Pure Coconut Oil all over my hair about 2 hours before washing it (I do this about twice a week) and it really makes it more manageable and soft. Also, I've been putting an oil through it afterwards - I'm loving the Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Oil for this as it's lightweight yet moisturising. And lastly, my little saviour, my Pink Tangle Teezer - quite a god send for those of us who get notty hair after washing it as it doesn't pull or tug at the hair. So here's to hoping I can salvage my hair!

Have you got any tips?



Lily Lipstick said...

I'd definitely recommend coconut oil - so cheap and you can really feel a difference in your hair. x

Carolyn said...

I love my tangle teezer, it's so amazing.
I'd recommend letting your hair air dry when you can and using a serum or leave in treatment for when you straighten your hair.
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