30 March 2014

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation

The Collection Lasting Perfection foundation is a medium/full coverage buildable foundation which promises ultimate 16 hour wear, SPF 20 and an oil free formula.

This has become one of my firm favourite foundations that I find myself reaching for everyday due to it's full coverage that can also be blended out seamlessly for a more natural coverage. The consistency is fairly thick but not too clogging and chalky, it feels moisturising and comfortable on the skin and doesn't accentuate dry areas (although maybe be cautious if you have severly dry skin!). It covers blemishes and discolouration so well, evening out the skin tone and texture. I find it comparable in coverage to estee lauder double wear - plus the price is amazing for such a long wearing product (around £5.99) 

A few things that I'm not so impressed with: it accentuates pores and lines, sometimes creasing around the nose, mouth and eyes - this can easily be remedied by blending over areas where it's creased throughout the day. Also, it doesn't let the skin breath much, and so can feel a little cloying. For me, it feels a little too oily to be oil free, and sometimes I do get shiny throughout the day (I have oily/combo skin.) But using a good powder over the top definitely minimises the shine! Lastly, the colour range isn't amazing (I'm in shade 3 or 4 depending on whether I've fake tanned). Regardless, I think it's a really great foundation for those who like a flawless full satiny finish to their foundation - and well worth trying for the price!

What are your thoughts on this foundation?


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Charlotte said...

I've always been quite tempted by this foundation seeing as I loooove the concealer (like everyone and their mum does!) but I can be quite picky with foundations so I've never picked it up. I might give it a try when my current foundation runs out, it looks good to me!xx

Charlotte / coloursandcarousels