23 December 2013

Real Techniques : Ebay dupe brushes

I have raved about these brushes before, but since I have bought two more I'm praising them even more! These are almost identical dupes for the Real Techniques brushes made by Samantha Chapman, but come at a fraction of the price (I got mine for around £1.80 a piece from this seller on Ebay) Despite the slightly lengthy postage (took a few weeks) it really was worth it because these brushes are so cheap yet so good.
They don't at all feel cheap - they are synthetic but feel super soft and are just dense enough without being too hard or spikey. I love to use them to apply foundation as they give a really flawless finish and the stippling brush is ideal for cream blush/highlight. Not only do they look almost identical to the Real Techniques brushes, but they also perform just as well (which is saying alot for something so cheap). I have had hardly any shedding from these; which was something I worried about initially. They have held up really well through numerous washes and heavy use - I would definitely definitely recommend investing in some of these .. and even if they don't live up to expectations you've hardly broke the bank!

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jennie said...

Ohh these sound amazing and I'm really liking how affordable they are!

Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com