6 October 2014

Where I've been : training to be a makeup artist

I've sadly been a little MIA from my blog for the past few weeks - I've really missed blogging and I have so many product reviews and new posts to share with you guys! I wanted to let you know where I've been - since the beginning of September, I've been doing a level 3 diploma in makeup artistry! This is so exciting for me as makeup has always been a hobby and interest for me, but now I feel like I'm actually putting it to use and learning some amazing new things. For anyone thinking of doing this type of course, I would totally recommend it. It's an amazing opportunity to practise and perfect your makeup skills without the worry of getting it wrong.. it's all about experimentation. The pictures above are some little insights of what I've been up to so far! I can't wait till I actually have the qualification under my belt and can start really using it. Also, I've been busy working at bareMinerals, which has been pretty busy lately, especially with the launch of BareSkin (review HERE) and the run up to christmas - I'm so excited to work in the cosmetics industry at Christmas : my two favourite things! So yeah, expect more to come from me!



Computergirl said...

That's so cool! Congratulations, and loving the looks. Cant wait to read and see more :) I've been following you for years, so its really inspiring to see you putting your hobby into a full course :)

Computergirl said...

I think I just put 'following you'- by 'you' I mean 'you blog'- obviously! I think I may have sounded a bit stalkerish!

jennie said...

Ahh so amazing! You're very talented with make up, love the looks you've shared here! xx