9 October 2014

BareMinerals Haul & Review

Last week I made a new order from bareMinerals - despite working for them and and not wanting to sound 'cliche', they are genuinely one of my favourite brands and my first port of call at the moment for new makeup bits.The range of products and colours/finishes available is what I really love - there's always something to suit everyone.

Ready Blush in 'the one' : this is actually my first pressed bareMinerals blush, and I had such a hard time choosing a colour, they're all so pretty. After using these a lot on customers, I was really impressed by the pigmentation and buildable finish of them - you can decide whether you wear it sheer or concentrated for a pop of colour. This colour is beautiful, kind of a universal soft pink

Ready Luminizer in 'the love affair' & 'the shining moment' : I cannot recommend this highlighter enough; I've never found something I like more for achieving a soft luminous glow. Because it has the two colours, you can pick between a pinky highlight or a more gold toned one - when the two colours are mixed it creates a really complimentary glow to the skin. Unlike other highlighters, it's not chunky or too glittery but instead fine milled, adding the perfect sheen to the skin - if you've not tried this I would really recommend it

Original Loose SPF 15 Foundation in 'golden medium' : this stuff has seriously changed my makeup routine and the way I think about my skin. I have a fair few shades now, ranging from lighter to more tanned golden tones (I'm a fake tan addict!) and this one if perfect if you prefer a more golden tone to you skin. This foundation is super quick and easy to apply and can be worn alone or on top of liquid foundation - it literally transforms your skin and gives you a glowing airbrushed look, plus it won't glog your pores or irritate your skin with unnecessary nasty ingredients

5-in-1 BB Eyeshadow Cream in 'soft shell' : these eyeshadow creams are seriously played-down within the line of bareMinerals products. I absolutely love them, they transform a shadow look and make chalky shadows look creamy whilst intensifying pigments. They are ideal under a smokey eye look and look lovely worn alone for a more toned-down look. Soft shell is a slightly yellowy neutral colour, I especially love to use it under my brows to sculpt and define them a bit more

Pretty Amazing Lipcolour in 'charisma' : the lipcolours are a fusion between a gloss and lipstick, giving an intense colour with a glossy buttery finish. I absolutely love these and a little goes a long way. I opted for a pinky tone as I usually always go for nudes and I really like it, it's not too warm or too blue!



jennie said...

The blush looks so gorgeous! <3 xx

Glitter Detector said...

The highlighter looks beautiful! I use their powder foundation to set my BB cream and it does a great job but it makes my skin look a bit dull I don't know why... xx

Glitter Detector said...

I use the Original one in Golden Fair lovely, I always use highlighter on top of it but I wish it would give me a little glow because some days when I'm in a rush I just wear it alone, Do you use their primer? Maybe that makes a difference! xx