17 November 2013

current favourites #1

ebay 'real techniques' dupe stippling brush : I came across the real technique dupe brushes on Hannah's blog a few months back and couldn't believe how cheap these brushes were. They look practically the same (although I can't say they perform as well as I don't own the real thing!) but after searching around ebay for a bit I found a seller who was selling replica brushes for £1.79 a piece + free postage. I was really eager to try them out to see what all the hype was about so ordered the 'stippling' brush which I have loved ever since. I mostly use it for stippling in bronzer or highlight but it also works really well if you want to stipple on your foundation (just a bit time consuming for me personally!) I have ordered two more of these and cannot wait for them to come, would seriously recommend them + they're cheap as chips

maybelline 24 hr colour tattoo 'on and on bronze' : I picked this up just the other day but already love it; it's a beautiful slightly smokey brownish bronze colour that can basically be a foundation for any eyeshadow colours or worn alone. I was really impressed with how long lasting it is, proving to crease less than my benefit creaseless cream shadow. It's only £4.99 so really good value for what it does

topshop cream blush 'prime time' : This is a really vibrant blush so a little goes a really long way. I've just been getting into it more recently as it adds a bright pop of colour and doesn't look powdery or cakey on the skin. Works really well teamed with the stippling brush.

elf mineral lipstick 'runway pink' : I've has this for ages but it's only in recent months (where I've moved away from the reds and burgundies and been attracted to muted pinks and nudes) that I've been using this like crazy. It's such an easy to wear colour, looks good with all makeup looks and has a really nice consistency. I'm really sad it's nearly ran out and will definitely be buying it again asap

natural collection lipgloss 'fondant' : I was tempted by this after hearing Shari raving about it on her channel. As it's so cheap I thought I'd pick it up and I'm really impressed. It's a kind of milky pink colour yet surprisingly opaque and long lasting. It's not at all sticky and actually has no shimmer in at all which is usually hard to find with cheaper drugstore brands

soap + glory thick and fast mascara :
I really like this as a basic everyday mascara as it lengthens and adds volume without being excessively clumpy or drying. I really like the brush as it's just simple and a decent size - not too big not too small!

garnier roll on concealer : This is an essential for me as I get up early nearly every morning looking a little worse for wear. I don't particularly suffer from really bad dark circles but this also has a kind of cooling and anti-puffiness agent in it and so really perks up the eye area which is good for me because I never get enough sleep!

What have you been loving recently?

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jennie said...

That Topshop blush is so pretty, such a lovely flush! I'm currently obsessed with my Stila convertible colour in Gerbera <3

Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com