24 November 2013

cake stand jewellery holder

over the past year or so, my jewellery collection has got a lot a little out of hand.I went through phases of obsessively buying chunky rings and earrings and really had nowhere decent to store them all. I have recently downsized (a tiny bit) and managed to find a nifty way to store all my favourite jewellery (yes there's more less loved stuff tucked away in drawers!) This glass cake stand was found for a massively reduced price in my local garden centre of all places, and so my mum picked up a few and I thought it would be the perfect jewellery storage solution. As you can see my jewellery is a bit of a mish-mash and it looks far more messy than I'd like (does anyone else have a problem with clashing colours?!) but for now it works well and keeps it all in one place where I can find it. The majority of the pieces pictures are either from topshop, newlook, primark, H&M or are thrifted/charity shop finds. There's really no common design to the jewellery I buy - I just always know when I like something and get a bit shop happy, oops. I've seen loads of similar cake stands in charity shops before - I really like the look of the kind of old fashion glass.

What are your jewellery storage ideas?


Jessica Rose said...

Wow...quite the collection there...I like to see pretty things like this out on display rather then hidden away.

http://vodkaandarose.blogspot.co.uk Jess. x

Alina said...

I love how this looks. It's like a pile of amazingly gorgeous shiny things! Such a great way to display all your prized possessions.



daniella-r said...

That's such a cute idea, I normally just keep mine in little trinket boxes or antique dishes :)
Daniella x


- said...

So pretty!


jennie said...

Ooh you have an amazing collection! I really like how you've stored them, you can really see exactly what you have easily <3

Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

Retrolet said...

My mother gets huge lots of old jewelry to craft with and stores them in a wooden shelf. Digging through drawer after drawer after drawer, it looks a lot like your jewelry stash! So fun to dig through- I get it!


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